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The new album WALDMARK will be released via Wrath of the Tyrants in spring 2016 as limited Digi-CD and as LP in summer via Winterblast Halls.

-Wrath of the Tyrant Records is a Black Metal label dedicated to the genius underground spirit, printing limited stuff exclusively just to keep the flame of the early 90´s attitude alive.

-Winterblast Halls is a community label run by musicians. The idea of the label is based on the principle to own the means of industrial production.

The Album -WALDMARK- is the successor of the conceptional similar albums -SILVA NORDICA- and NOBLE NORTH- the wooden trilogy and marks the 20 years celebration of the band.

1) Old Glacial Lake
2) Army of the North
3) Waldmark
4) The Battle of infernal hymns
5) Lord of the Bohemian Forest
6) Alpine Obscurity
7) Fellwood
8) Longing for the Winter Kingdom


Concept of the Album:

Waldmark is the woodland around the southern mountain ridge of the Bohemian Forest with it´s dark castles and unsilent rivers, full of myths and forgotten tales…

The Album will lead the listener to that great landscape through music and art. A Journey for you to enter the realm of deepest nature, darkness and sumava-mysticism.

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